The Dessert Museum | 2020 BC

A very long time ago, before Covid decided to keep humans apart and make everybody stop touching things, I was able to bring my niblings to The Dessert Museum. It was a random day at the house when everyone was bored and I just decided to buy tickets online.

The tour was brief but full of excitement (probably sugar rush, TBH) and of course, Instagrammable pictures. Long story short, I was able to run, climb, and play with the kids with no face mask and shield. After the tour, we went straight to eat Japanese dessert and had some milk tea. IT WAS AWESOME.

I was able to capture some videos using my handy DJI Osmo Pocket that day and decided to make a short video out of it. Watching it makes me realize how everything has changed because of the pandemic. Here's the YouTube video.

I cannot imagine that level of freedom to happen anytime soon. But looking back, I am still glad that I was able to create memories like these with the kids. That random urge to have a spontaneous "field trip" turned out to be our final play for pre-covid era. Moral of the story, say yes to random adventures, never delay joy, and take a lot of videos! :)

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