New Year's Eve Feast

So I was (finally!) assigned by my family to cook for New Year's Eve! I never really got over the delicious food I had in Rome, so I've decided to remake some of the good Italian food that I have tried. These are also the easiest things that I can do in the kitchen and I am really happy to share all of them as my first 2021 here in my blog!

1. Garlic & Herb Baby Potatoes

Just a bunch of marble tomatoes, lots of garlic, and some fresh basil cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

2. Aglio e Olio with Spicy Shrimps

I prefer having Aglio e Olio on its own, but since this is a very special day for our family, I've decided to add "grilled" shrimps marinated in chili sauce. I also added a bunch of minced parsley to balance the flavor of garlic and shrimps!

3. Caprese Salad

I discovered this interesting Balsamic Vinegar made from organic coconut in the supermarket and decided to add this salad at the last minute! This lovely Italian salad is made of sliced tomato, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves with a drizzle of the "deep and tangy" balsamic vinegar!

4. Truffle Pasta

I was able to taste an authentic White Truffle Pasta in Rome and I have no idea how they cooked it but thank God for a neighboring cafe at my place that sells Truffle pasta. They were kind enough to give me their secret ingredient - truffle-flavored olive oil that I can use! I made one with the same process as to how I cook Carbonara, using fettuccini and topped with crispy bacon!

I wish I was able to cook more but I was the sole cook in the kitchen! There are so many things that I am grateful for in 2020 and as much as It is, as they say, one of the worst year in the history of mankind - I still believe that there is still something in there that we should all be thankful for.

We may not know what is in store for 2021, but I am keeping my faith. Happy New Year!

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