Lazy Quarantine Food Photo Dump

Hi, so it's been a year of cooking for and eating by myself at the comfort of my own home. Many days I would just order cooked meals, but most days I would really make something easy in the kitchen. On these days, I really make an effort in keeping the meal healthy. Using colorful fruit and vegetables from an online palengke app, I was able to access fresh harvests that helped Filipino farmers. It's a win-win situation, increased cooking skill and health points for me and sales for the real heroes who work hard to produce food for us to eat.

Exhibit 1: French Beans, Carrots, Potatoes, and Eggplant cooked in olive oil and grilled chicken breast

To be honest, I am happy with the veggies alone. I am still contemplating on turning vegetarian.

Exhibit 2: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Mini Croissants. I don't think this is healthy, but whatever.

Exhibit 3:: Stir fry (canned) tuna and broccoli.

Exhibit 5: Basil Scrambled Eggs. Croissant, Italian Tomato Dip.... and a strawberry yogurt drink for my inner child

And then of course, sometimes you just stop making up stuff and just eat nature's produce as it is. The ultimate dessert - FRUITS!

I really really miss cooking larger meals for my family. I cannot wait for the day when I can cook together with my mom and sisters and taste each other's meal. I just want the normal back so bad, or at least being back to the time when we don't need social distancing anymore. Staying positive, Marianne.

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