5 Amazing Instagram Accounts - January

I've been following a lot of amazing artists on Instagram. This year, I will start posting monthly Instagram account favorites and post it here on my blog. So without further ado, let's start!

1. Dara Muscat (@daramuscat)

Dara Muscat is one my most favorite artist. Her work includes jewelry designing, illustration, and painting. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares some of her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips and tricks. She is amazing, I love her!

2. Carly Cristman (@carlycristman)

Carly Cristman is a fashion YouTube star who is in love with neutrals and marbles. She shares her life on Instagram and Facebook, including her aesthetic and life secrets to her followers. You can tell by the way she talks that she is a very intelligent person.

3. Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

Lauren is an admirable young lady who were able to travel the world using her online presence. She uses her travel photography skills to create quality content for her blog and clients.

4.Tim Landis (@curious2119)

I haven't had the chance to stalk this photographer, but I do love how he managed to use white borders to create a beautiful feed. He opted to use white borders instead of cropping pictures of different dimensions. Genius.

5. Our Camp Life (@ourcamplife)

I've been following this account for some time now, and I just love their aesthetics. Their feed looks super warm and cozy. I love how they create their camping stories and adventures through their feed.

I'm very excited to share my other Instagram favorites! i will continue on searching Instagram for other artists to feature. For now, hope you had fun reading this list :)

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