Creating A Business During A Global Pandemic

4 months after the lockdown of our city, I was busy juggling multiple jobs day and night. I tried to keep myself busy by working and keeping my family safe. I have always been the kind of person who would rather stay productive than sulk in the madness happening around me (or within me, haha.)

But in between the long hours of working with different projects, I have this lingering feeling of wanting to do what I do for my clients. From business strategy to branding, to marketing and advertising, what would I want to do if I work for myself? That is when Taiwan Pan Tea Milktea House happened.

The opportunity presented itself, I have a good friend who trains and supplies milk tea businesses here in the Philippines, all supplies directly from Taiwan. I approached her and asked if I can try her training product and it was AMAZING and by far, the best milk tea I have ever tasted. I finally found the product that I am more than willing to sell. Now, fast-forward to 6 months after the lockdown, I now have a milk tea business with 3 franchisees and hopefully, more to come! Here are the steps that I did in order to establish a business in the worst time of the decade:

  1. Find a product that I truly love and will surely buy for myself.

  2. Learn about the business around the product as much as I can.

  3. Train with a professional and then keep on training by myself to find my unique take on the product. Find my specialty.

  4. Sit down with the people you trust and brainstorm, only listen to the people who are willing to help.

  5. Write down all the ideas and set goals for the week, month, and year.

  6. Create a brand - brand name, colors, voice, and imagery.

  7. Register the business, especially the trade name as soon as possible.

  8. Create social media pages and a website.

  9. Delegate and ask for help. My sisters are the secret to the success of the business.

  10. Send free stuff to people who have always been excited for me.

Right now, I was able to transfer to a new place that I can call my own. I still work day and night, doing different things, for different people. But I can now say that I have a business with so much potential for the future to come.

We are still at the beginning stages and I consider longevity as the highest indication of a successful business. I am so excited because we have so many things planned and so many goals to pursue. Someday I want to look back in this blog post and hopefully smile to myself on how I was able to create something out of nothing during the pandemic.

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