A Lovely Breakfast

My niece once asked me why I wake up earlier than everyone else and why I see to it that my breakfasts are always "well-presented." I told her that for someone like me who works day in and day out, a right mindset every morning is a key to survival. That is why I always make an effort to give myself a feel-good breakfast to kickstart my day with positive vibes.

A good cup of coffee

I only allow myself to drink coffee on weekends, so I make sure that I am having a good one. I use my vintage french press for my hazelnut or vanilla flavored Benguet coffee beans.

I love the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee in the early morning. Just taking my time to breathe and relax as I prepare for the day that is recently always full of surprises.

Freshly-baked homemade pastry

A lot of amazing home bakers have emerged because of the global pandemic. I really enjoy buying from them because the ingredients are always high quality and the product itself is made with love. I recently shared a post on Instagram with a quote saying "when you support a small business, you are supporting a dream." I think it's true, if there is one great thing that this pandemic brought to us, it is the vast number of dream businesses that finally came to life.

Parisian Chic Playlist on Spotify

I think the best breakfast I have ever had and will ever have in my life happened in a cafe in Paris. That is why I try to recreate that moment with this beautiful playlist I discovered on Spotify called Parisian Chic by Kez. The music just feels so good for the soul. I highly recommend it to my friends and family to listen to every morning.

I am really hoping that one day I could have breakfast again outside my home. I want to wake up in a beach front and have my continental breakfast with a family or a loved one. But for now, I think it is important to take charge of my day, make it as pleasant as possible, especially in the morning. In God's time, everything will get better.

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