Life and My Easy White Truffle Pasta

The last couple of months has been crazy because of the COVID19 pandemic. Everything has changed and for the most part, nobody was ever prepared for what is happening in the world today. One thing's for sure, we are all going through a transition and it is up to us if we want to move towards something better, or just wait for the normal to come back.

Hygge has been my way of life in the past few years and I am glad that it came in handy during this time. I've learned to stay grounded and be happy at the comfort of my own home. My happiness is generally provided by what my basic senses can absorb, from smelling the freshly-brewed tea in the morning to sleeping on the softest bed sheets I could ever acquire.

For today, I want to share this pasta that made my sense of taste burst into happiness, the White Truffle Pasta.

I moved out from my mom's home recently and the joy of cooking once again became a regular part of my day. I've always loved cooking, I usually only cook for others during special occasions. This time, I need to cook fo feed myself everyday. Is it worth it cooking a special pasta just for yourself? HELL YES!

For this recipe, the white truffle sauce is the star of the dish. So I pre-cooked my bacons that only basically serve as a garnish.

White Truffle tastes like nuts, mushrooms, and beef fat rolled into one. To amplify the flavor and add a little bit of texture, I added mushrooms. Just add the White Truffle Pasta Sauce and voila! You got yourself the easiest pasta recipe ever.

Moving forward, I hope I could spend more time writing here and post life updates. I love my new home and there is something about decorating corners that excites my spirit, shifting from the worry that I feel about the pandemic.

New home posts coming soon! xoxo, Marianne

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