Practical Tips: Working from Home

Ola! So the Covid-19 pandemic literally forced people all over the world to work from home. Social distancing is mandatory and many people are clueless right now, how exactly do we work from home? As a telecommuter (aka working from anywhere, home, office, a coffee shop, etc.) for almost 3 years, I feel like sharing some of these practical ideas on how I am able to work effectively from home.

1. Plan your daily work schedule

Like working in a normal office setup, you can also plan specific time for meetings and breaks. It can be tempting to watch a Netflix show or take a nap anytime you want, but by planning a work schedule it becomes easier to let yourself finish all work obligations before doing anything else at home.

2. Create a working space

It can be challenging to focus on getting a task done inside your most comfortable space - home. One of the things that I find very useful is setting up a designated work corner. This is also helpful for people living with you to keep their distance when you are "at work." Having a clutter-free area also allows you to separate your work life from home life easily.

3. Make notes

Notes are useful in backtracking previous tasks and making reports to the management. Communications are also limited compared to normal office setup wherein you can easily ask around for help. Personally, I like taking notes in the list form to make sure my thoughts are organized the way I can understand it in the future.

4. Communicate

Communication is the key to sustain remote jobs effectively. Do not hesitate to ask questions when needed and ALWAYS ask when is the deadline. Try your best to utilize all communications technology to coordinate with your teammates and management. Plan meeting agendas to make online meetings a lot more efficient and share meeting notes with the people involved.

5. Move around

Working from home means no longer having to commute to work, which also means less physical movement. It can be easy to eat, work, and pray your way through this brand new setup, but it is good to commit to an exercise regime that will keep your body healthy and strong.

I've been telecommuting for years now, and I can no longer see myself going to work every single day to do jobs that can be done online. It takes a lot of time-management skills and discipline to maintain this job and I wish these ideas could help someone coping with this new work setup.

PS. Many people are at risk of losing their jobs because their industries are not designed to make remote working possible. I am hoping and praying that they will get the assistance they need during this time and for this health adversity to end soon.

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