How to Make the Most Out of Eurail Pass

Guten tag! It's time to talk about the wonderful My Eurail Pass! I ordered mine via the Klook app and had it delivered to our P.O. Box in Germany. The tickets was delivered within a week, including the starter pack with Eurail Pass Guide and Eurail Map. Because of My Eurail Pass, me and my mom was able to easily move around Switzerland, Germany, France, and Italy. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of My Eurail Pass:

1. Get the Global - Flexi Pass

The Flexi Pass is valid for a set number of days within its overall validity. We only mark the date on the travel calendar before we start the journey. This is extremely helpful when you are not 100% decided on your travel dates. 

2. Download the Rail Planner App

Trains in Europe are extremely punctual, and the Rail Planner App allows you to easily plot your trips ahead of time. Simply add location FROM and TO and specific details like time, train, and station options will appear like magic. The Rail Planner App is free, works offline, and includes everything that you need to organize your trips. 

3. Get discounts to seat reservations and high-speed trains

Seat reservations are not included in My Eurail Pass, but discounted benefits allow price reductions on seat reservations and high-speed International trains. The seat reservation for special trains is also included within the app!

3. Ask for a train booklet from your main station

We mostly stayed in Basel, Switzerland, so we asked the train station information station for the Basel SBB booklet. This booklet includes all schedules of trains coming in and out of our "main" station.

4. Use Pass Benefits to your destinations

Eurail Pass holders also get discounts on city cards, museum tickets, and other public transports, like boats! You can find the complete information on the Pass Benefits from Eurail Website as well as from the Pass Benefits page of the mobile app.

5. Travel Diary

Inside the Pass Cover is the Travel Diary where you put all the recording of your trips. Make sure that the information are well-written and includes the correct details! There is an inspector on each train so it is important not to detach the Pass Cover and ticket attached inside. In case the Travel Diary is full, there is an extra Travel Diary sheet in the Eurail Pass Guide booklet.

Eurail Pass is an easily recognizable and tangible piece of paper that will let you move around Europe. Additional tip is to travel on as many trains as you like from midnight to midnight on each of your travel days to enjoy day times on your travel destinations! :)

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