My Christmas Graze Board

This year's Christmas is probably the most serene Christmas I had in my entire life. But just because it was utterly quiet, doesn't make it any less special. In fact, I had an amazing time binge-watching The Witcher, drinking wine, and grazing with my DIY graze board on Christmas Eve.

I tried to order a graze box but nobody would accept any last minute orders, so I went to the grocery and decided to create my own. Here's what I decided to munch on for my Christmas Graze Board:

1. Cheese - Blue cheeses are sold out, so I settled for this soft cheese from Japan.

2. Christmas Ham - It's not Christmas without a Christmas Ham! Instead of getting a variety of cured meat, I decided to have Christmas Ham on my board. This ham is slow-cooked premium boneless hind leg marinated in fruit cocktail sauce.

3. Crackers - No grazing board is complete without crackers, the base for building the perfect bite.

4. Almonds and Dried Cranberries - My favorite snacks to munch on while watching Netflix!

5. Olives, Grapes, and Orange - Some fruits to add colors and freshness to my graze board.

To be honest, spending Christmas alone is a little bit scary to think about. I have a big family so I am used to having a festive Christmas Eve. This year, I had a chance to prove myself that it is okay to spend some time alone and figure out ways to celebrate. I was also able to complete Misa de Gallo because I have all the time that I need.

It is liberating to choose yourself above anything else in the world.

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