Ti Amo, Roma!

Nothing is more overwhelming than having the things you have been obsessively reading and watching about come to life. Growing up reading about Roman Mythology and Catholic teachings, visiting Rome is quite a huge deal. Here are some snippets from my favorite city in the world, (sorry, Paris!)

1. All Things Ancient

It's a bizarre feeling walking around the streets of Rome. The city might be in ruins, but its history is still very much present and alive. The structures are many many times older than any other cities I've been to, but the church, temples, and walls still stand in all its grandeur.

2. Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

When we went to Rome, in my head, I was there to fulfill my mom's life-long dream to visit the Vatican. Apparently, it was MY DREAM - maybe I just used her as an excuse? HAHA. Anyways, the best thing about the museum is the Ancient Egyptian and Roman Mythology exhibits.

3. When in Rome, do as the Romans do

I don't know what this famous quote is trying to say, but when in Rome, we tried to eat as many local Roman food as we can. We also stayed in an old hotel with a 100-year old elevator, which is pretty awesome to think about. The food in Rome (anywhere in Italy) is GREAT, especially the pizza, pasta, and gelato. I want to cry as I think about how great (and cheap!) the food is.

We stayed in Rome for 3 days and 2 nights, which will never be enough because I am in love with this city. But from a tourist's perspective, a short stay is enough to go around because the city is small and the special spots are just a short walk away from each other. Traffic is also not as bad for a famous tourist destination.

I will go back to Rome in the future and maybe stay a little longer so I can eat more gelato! :)

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