Hallo, Basel!

Basel is a city on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. Although I was already satisfied with what Basel has to offer, its strategic location was very helpful in letting me move around nearby cities, like Strasbourg and Paris!

1. Basel-Land

My eldest sister and her family have been staying here for a while now, so I was lucky enough to explore the area by simply walking the dog or just playing outdoors with my niblings. This is the perfect place to live and die, that's all I have to say.

​​2. Basel Old Town

Among all the old towns we visited within Switzerland, I think my favorite is Basel's Old Town. They have beautiful cathedrals, posh shops, nice pubs, amazing town hall, and interesting museums to visit. It's also nice to just sit by the Rhine River, eat roasted chestnuts and contemplate about...life.

​​3. Basel Zoo

This is a request by my nephew who is quite obsessed with zoos. We went there to walk around and see different animals from all over the world. The most interesting for me are the penguins because we don't have them in zoos here in the Philippines!

Most of my time was spent in this beautiful city during my 30-day stay in Europe. As much as I enjoyed going out, what I miss most is spending time with my niblings and my sister's dog, Lily! For this reason, I will come back again, hopefully during the Christmas time so we can spend Noche Buena together as a family! :)

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