30th Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my 30th birthday with a blessing from the Holy Mass, a lunch out with my family, and a little videoke party with my loved ones. My best friend also surprised me with a beautiful cake from Cakes by MIriam.

I am proud to say that the last 30 years was spent and lived well. There was a time when the big 3-0 scares me a bit, but when I got here, it just feel so... peaceful. I feel so blessed to have 30 wonderful years of joy, happiness, and tears. In a way, I still feel young because there are still so much that I haven't experienced, like visiting new places and travelling around the world.

Here are some of my New Age Resolutions:

1. Wear and buy clothes with good quality and timeless design

2. Eat healthy

3. Be mindful

4. Say good things about others

5. Read more

6. Travel often

7. Be useful

8. Create more

9. Live in the moment

10. Set a good example

I am looking forward the next chapter of my life, a new decade full of exciting experiences. There's a lot of plan in store, especially in terms of creating for the sake of creating. This blog will always be my personal public diary so I'll make sure that it is updated always.

Here's a video snippet of my 30th Birthday Celebration:

Till the next post. Ciao! :)

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