A Prayer of Gratitude

Just wanted to share a prayer I wrote on my journal last month, a prayer that became a favourite. Prayer has always been a form of personal awakening for me, it allows me assess my thoughts, decisions, and actions. In this prayer of gratitude, I was able to forgive myself and accept that I am worthy of God's love just like everybody else. Recognizing that the gift of life is happening right here, right now. It also talks about being open about receiving all the blessings, including the responsibility that comes with them.

Dear God,

Thank you for making me realize that happiness is deserved by everyone.

Thank you for reminding me that your grace is available here and now.

Thank you for giving me my eyes to read, my hands to write, and my mind to understand all the signs and opportunities you laid on my path.

Thank you for choosing me to be your daughter, capable of seeing your divine love and order.

Thank you for allowing me to meet the right people, books, and things that enabled this world to be filled with so much magic.

Thank you for bringing heaven in my life here on earth, and hell in my past that is now over.

I accept my mission Lord, to be your instrument of joy, excellence, and love.

I accept your peace and wisdom, you gift from the paradise.

Your power in me will never go to waste, as I will serve my purpose, Father, with joy, beauty, and grace.

I am not the most open person about my spirituality, but I think it is time for me to share this with everyone. Everything started from within, and the glow that resides in my body is my spirit that is made in God's image and likeness, I shall not be ashamed.

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