Journey to Dasol

After many failed attempts to have a mini vacation with my work friends, it finally happened - we went to Dasol, Pangasinan! Popular town for the production of commercial salts, Dasol is also renowned for its beautiful sunset.

Because we are working on the road, we had to stop over to attend important meetings along the way.

We went to Tambobong Beach, a beautiful remote beach in Dasol, Pangasinan. The bay covers its entire coast with fine white sand.

We stayed in Dandy's Place, a friendly place with cute nipa huts and common kitchen and dining areas. During the day, we rented a hut at Marianne Family Beach Resort, located at the beach front.

We played with our wits in Cards Against Humanity and of course, had a few Soju Yakult for drink.

There was a heavy rain when we got there, but the bright skies appeared just before sunset so we had a chance to enjoy the beach.

I feel blessed for having a job that allow me to work from anywhere I want. We are indeed the next level of employment - focused on outputs and efficiency. I am also grateful for having an awesome team, a team who help and support each other to get things done, and having fun while doing it! :)

Here's a short video of our trip I created using DJI Osmo Pocket:

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