Why I Created My Own Website

I launched my blog website in June 2017, at the time when my work as Digital Media and Marketing Manager is taking a toll on my health and well-being. I was tired and restless, yet I decided to create my own Wix website, an additional work with additional expense. Why so? Here are some of the reasons why I created my own website:

1. Creative Freedom - I suddenly realized that my love for creating will be nourished if I do it for pleasure. When you work in the creatives, most of the things you do are made to please the boss or client. This is the reality that I had to face at that time. Creating my own website provided the freedom to let me write about and create things in my own terms.

2. Learning Platform - The digital world is evolving day by day. I knew how to create a website and content, but I still needed a platform to practice and experiment. The website allowed me to design and redesign, write and revise, refine, refine refine, until I just feel like publishing it already. No pressure, just fun in learning!

3. Commitment - Publishing a website is not as easy as creating a new Facebook profile. The commitment I made in creating my website comes with the commitment to maintain and create new content whenever I can. I had to create great photos and write interesting stuff even if I am not actually paid to do it. I committed to do things just for the love creating!

4. Portfolio - It is easier to present myself to potential employers and partners using a personal website. Everyone is practically forced into making a CV after college, but a website? Nope. The website upgraded my personal branding and a platform to show the world my hobbies and interests in an extra creative way.

5. Self-actualization - Maslow defines self-actualization to be "the desire for self-fulfillment, namely the tendency to become actualized in what he is potentially." This website is my personal property, something that I can always look back to feel good about myself. It just feels nice to have something that you actually worked on for years. I did not create this website for profit or to please anybody, this website is basically for my own consumption!

The internet offers limitless possibilities in terms of creating. I am not a writer, producer, or influencer. Yet, I was able to bring something on the table just because I want to.

In this website, I talk about my experiences, the things I love, inspirations, the stuff I do, the people I admire, everything that I just feel like talking about! There is no pressure to get more likes or views, but if I am capable put something out there, it's only going to be good and positive. :)


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