Blackpink's Kimchi Rice

So I've been watching Blackpink House non-stop on YouTube and one of the episodes showed the girls cooking their favorite, Kimchi Rice. After a few days of craving, I went ahead and finally cooked one for myself!



Bacon Slices

Korean Kimchi


Chinese Cabbage

Kimchi Base

I cooked the bacon strips with unsalted butter for extra sweetness.

Jennie mentioned that the pork must be a little bit undercooked to make sure that it will be cooked just well when we add the other ingredients.

Added enough Kimchi to the hot pan, letting it sweat with the pork fat to intensify the flavor.

Just a bitty tiny pinch of Kimchi Base is enough to add more flavor!

Tadaaaa! I swear this is so worth the carbs! Thank you Blackpink for bringing back my love for food! :)

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