Breakfast Thoughts and Salted Egg and Tomatoes

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” ― Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

What's for breakfast:

1 Perfect Salted Egg

1 Perfectly-sized Medium Tomato, cut into cubes

3/4 cup of Perfectly Cooked White Rice with Dried Basil (for aroma, duh)

Breakfast Thoughts:

It's January 7, 2019 - first week of the new year, first week of trying my best to be as accepting as possible. Let it be, lose control, and accept reality as it is. I want to be more open to the idea that there are things that aren't meant to be. In the end, things will always turn out for the better.

Over the years my main goal was to be as optimistic as possible. I wanted to be a happy and joyous person for the people I love. Make other feel better about themselves and focus on the good stuff. I always talk about making conscious decisions and controlling thoughts and emotions. It's good to be optimistic - God knows how it saved me from all the stress, drama, and conflict. However, isn't true that we only grow in strength by contradiction and confrontation? We need to see life with bright eyes and open arms, but we also need to take the good with the bad. :)

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