Pinterest Quotes For Good Vibes!

Heyyya! It's been a while since I wrote something in here! I've been transitioning from single to married status since December, and have been working in a new awesome global company as a Digital Marketing Specialist. It's a whirlwind of activity every single day - and as much as everything seem exhausting and overwhelming, I am beyond grateful for all the blessing that poured in this year.

Today, I would like to share some of my top good-vibes quotes pinned on my Pinterest profile over the past few months of working and adjusting on my new life. Pinterest has always been my favourite website, I get inspired by all the amazing things made by people around the globe!

1. "The happiest people don't have the best of everything. they just make the best of everything."

Thoughts: Being happy is not about having more or being more - happiness is more of being in the moment, enjoying what is in front of you, seeing humour in every situation, liking yourself as a person, having fun with the people (or pets) around you, and just being peaceful and chill with life.

2. "Sun will rise and we will try again."

Thoughts: The truth is, failure IS a reality. As much as it is great to have a winning mindset, failure is also inevitable sometimes. Persistence is a powerful key to unlock success and the best thing about trying again is you learn how things not work along the way, which will increase the chances of winning.

3. "Good thoughts need to grow."

Thoughts: Good thoughts are created by our own minds - it's not something that we have to get from other people or we have to save for. It's free and we have a choice to create, nourish, and pass it on to other people. I also tend to overthink and dwell on things not going my way, but as i get older, I realized that life is so much easier when I snap out of a negative thought and just daydream or think about beautiful people. things, and ideas.

4. "Enjoy the little things."

Thoughts: A cup of tea, a cat's purr, the sound of the pouring rain, the birds chirping, flowers blooming, the smell of coffee, wearing your favourite shoe, your mom's smile, the leftover brownie, the rustling sound of the small fire from the candle, the softness of fresh bedsheet. These are the little things that make me happy each and every day.

5. "Believe you can and you're halfway there."

Thoughts: Sometimes the hardest part of reaching a goal is the making a decision to take a leap of faith. Life is full of uncertainty and it's normal to be afraid - but when you believe that you are capable of learning and that you deserve success and happiness just like everybody else, every doubt and fear will turn into little challenges that you will overcome day by day.

Pinterest is a good place to pick-up quotes for positive and creative life. For a quick feel-good Pinterest Board, you may visit my Positive Quotes collection in this link. I also have a #girlboss #goaldigger pins when I want to feel powerful to achieve success - here's the link to my Excellence Quotes. :)

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