The Plan: Our Bathroom

For me, bathroom is one of the most important part of the house. Which is why I am quite sensitive about our bathroom renovation. I want it clean, comfortable, and cozy.

The Challenge

The bathroom in our house is very small and the toilet was weirdly positioned in the farthest side of the bathroom. Here's the layout of how it looks like:

The Inspiration

Renovating an old bathroom is a huge challenge. We are working with a very small space and budget is also limited. I searched all over Pinterest and found this gorgeous small bathroom design. The aha! moment came, this is the exact bathroom design I was look for!

As of today, our bathroom is 50% done. We changed the floor tiles into geometric black and white, installed brand new white toilet and sink, and added white ceramic bricks on the lower part of the bathroom wall.

Here's how our bathroom looks like as of today, March 31:

We ordered Davies semi-gloss paint from Wilcon, which will be painted in the bathroom next week! I am very excited to see how the navy color will contrast the desaturated color of the wall and flooring.

I am going for a Modern Scandinavian theme for the bathroom, so accessories are crucial to the design. Here's some of the bathroom accessories I'd throw in after the construction:

one. H&M gold round mirror two. H&M pink and gold shampoo and conditioner dispenser three. snake plant four. H&M plant pot five. H&M faux stone tooth brush holder six. H&M faux stone small things container seven. H&M faux stone liquid soap dispenser eight. H&Mjute storage basket

I can't wait to see the final look! I will post an update here on my blog when everything is in place. Wish us luck!

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