5 Ways To Attain Joie de Vivre

Let's talk about happiness and self-fulfillment. For me, happiness is being around the people I love and the most fulfilling moments of my life was when I was able to rise above a difficult situation. I also find joy and fulfillment when I am learning something new about my hobbies and interests.

In this blog, I'd like to share some of the things that I do to manage my joie de vivre or personal happiness and sense of fulfillment.

1. Finding the Balance

You know what they say that too much of something is bad? Totally agree. Prudence is my favorite virtue. By always trying to strike the right balance, I am able to enjoy life without hurting myself and the people I love.

For example, I am always excited for pizza - but I resist the urge to finish the whole pie. I also enjoy drinking with friends, but I don’t let myself get drunk.

2. Dress how you want to be addressed

Simple but phenomenal effect. The easiest way to establish the fake it till you make it strategy is by dressing your way to your future self.

For example, With my friends and colleagues, I dress comfortably, because I want to be real and comfortable with them. But with my presentation and meetings, I always dress corporate - usually in black, because the color represent credibility and authority.

3. Have an ambition

One of the best things I learned from studying in an all-girls school is the joy of being an empowered woman. For me, being empowered is having an ambition in life. I had to be ambitious enough to maintain the driving force that will help me smash each and every goal!

For example, my ambition is to have a beautiful home full of books that will almost look like a library! So, I work hard to afford home decorations and also started collecting books for my future library.

4. Celebrate yourself

I realized a long time ago that life is good when I am my own best friend. The people around you, even those who truly love you, will turn you down at some point. Do not expect anything from anybody. Clap for your own damn self and celebrate your own victories.

For example, I like treating myself a nice massage after a long month of working. I also like drinking wine or beer after a successful event. Love yourself and your universe will love you back.

5. Feed your brain with good food

I am not talking about walnuts or memory plus supplement. I am talking about data, information, and ideas that you are feeding your mind. I don't like watching or reading too much news because I feel like they are just dirtying my brain to sell me soaps.What you think, you become. Make sure to think positively!

For example, instead of scrolling mindlessly on Facebook, I read good books and study interesting courses online! I just finished a Personal Branding course from University of Virginia and is now currently enrolled in a Public Speaking class at University of Washington via Coursera.

There are many other ways to be happy and fulfilled, like helping others by doing charity works. The most important question is are you willing to let yourself be happy and fulfilled? :)

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