The Perfect Escape: La Union

I finally found THAT ONE PLACE that will always make me come back for more and more, and it's the beautiful town of San Juan, La Union!

Known as the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines, La Union is the best spot to de-stress; away, but not too far away from the city!

1. Food and Accomodation

We only stayed overnight so we made sure that we tried the popular Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. The place was full at night so we went there for lunch.

Perfect timing, the weather was very nice and we were able to take good photos of the Instagram-famous place. Flotsam is literally, hands-down, the most chill place I have ever been. The music, bean bags, sand on our toes, and sea breeze all come together as one happy place.

As you can see, their food are definitely instagram-worthy. Plus the forced healthy diet because they only serve organic rice with their meals. The burger is humongous and the chicken wings dip is perfectly tangy-flavored.

Since all the well-known hotels and hostels are already sold out, we had no choice but to stay at Sebay Surf Resort. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Aside from the fairly good price, the place is clean and comfortable, the attendants are courteous, and we are also very close to the surfing area.

Sebay is along the hi-way, so food and bars are conveniently located just across the street. We were also able to eat in a nearby kubo restaurant by the beach!

2. The Beach

I don't know how to properly swim or surf, but I really enjoyed La Union beach! The waves are nice and smooth. There are spots for beginners to advance surfers. No wonder La Union attracts a lot of foreign surfers!

You can rent a surfboard with free basic class for only PHP 400! Here's Elyu Classic just outside Sebay Surf Resort.

2. The People

Aside from my best friends who was with me during this wonderful trip, the best thing about La Union are its local folks.

Story time! The trip was supposed to be a nightmare. During our short overnight stay, we lost a cap, an iPhone 7, and a Fujifilm Instax camera - and all was miraculously returned to us by the locals! Yes, the place was amazing, but most importantly, we didn't have to worry about our safety, including our personal belongings.

Looking forward to come back in Elyu next month! With a short 5-hour drive from Manila, this place is the perfect escape from the city!

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