2017 Favorites: Creators and Influencers

It's been a while! I recently got married and was MIA in the blog world to focus on my wedding. This post is about my top creator and influencer picks for the year 2017.

1. NasDaily

Nas posts 1-minute videos daily about anything and everything under the sun. It amazes me how he was able to send his message in just a minute, without losing the quality and aesthetics of each video.

Website: https://nasdaily.com

2. Jenn Im

I have been following Jenn since here early YouTube days, and now I am obsessed with her Instagram feed. Aside from being cute, her speaking voice is music to my ears. She's now a proud owner of her own fashion line, Eggie.

Website: https://www.imjennim.com/

3. Peter McKinnon

This guy was able to gain a million follower in just 6 months of being on YouTube. Peter has insane shooting and editing skills which he generously share to his followers. He recently had a collaboration with the legendary Casey Neistat, teaching the later how to make vlog.

Website: http://www.petermckinnon.com/

4. Casey Neistat

No words to describe the story-telling skills of the Casey Neistat. I am on auto-pilot go to Casey Neistat profile mode when I go to YouTube. I even go back to his old videos from time to time to "review" or "re-inspire" myself. I love him.

YouTube Channel link here

5. Klossy

Karlie Kloss has proved to be so much more than just a pretty face. She has always been one of my favorite Angel, and I was ecstatic when I found out she created her own YouTube channel, Klossy.

YouTube Channel link here

6. Zoella

My go-to girl when I am feeling down and gloomy for the past 4 years! Zoella has always been a sunshine of my virtual world. Her videos are mostly repetitive (Monthly Faves? Vlogmas?) but they are always entertaining to watch. Her videos are almost my personal tradition.

Website: www.zoella.co.uk

7. Dara Muscat

Dara Muscat is an exceptional artist from Russia. She is a real-life Khaleesi who design jewelries inspired by nature. I love her art and the the simplicity of her aesthetics. Her videos on YouTube are magical, she hoops and draw on walls.

Website: http://daramuscatlab.com/

8. Kryz Uy

My favorite local blogger, Kryz Uy is one of the top bloggers in the Philippines. I initially encountered her on Lookbook way back around 2011. Her blog Thirsty Thought is such an inspiration to starting bloggers like me who like me who just want to celebrate life through blogging.

Website: http://www.kryzuy.com/

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