5 Amazing Instagram Accounts - July

I've been following a lot of amazing artists on Instagram. This year, I will start posting monthly Instagram account favorites and post it here on my blog. So without further ado, let's start! 1. Reformation (@reformation) I don't normally include brand on my Instagram favorites, but Reformation's IG page is an exception. I like the bright colors that they use and posts that look similar to regular bloggers. Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, their garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners in the U.S. or abroad using sustainable methods and materials. Their mission is to to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

Website: https://www.thereformation.com/

2. Ravi Vora (@ravivora) Los Angeles based filmmaker and photographer.specializing in commercial work with a focus on portraiture, lifestyle, travel, adventure, and above all else: story. I love the nature-inspired photos that he post on his instagram. His professional clients includes big brands like Nike, Microsoft, AT&T, Disney, Uber, Ford, Toyota, Samsung, MasterCard, among many others.

Website: http://www.ravivora.com/

3. Katerina (@kate_morozova) Katerina is a photographer for advertising, restaurants, visual content for social networks based in Moscow. I really don't know much about her except she makes really bright and creative images of her regular lifestyle.

4. Robert and Christina (@newdarlings)

My favorite Instagram couple! They are super stylish and seem very much in love with each other. Here's how they descibe themselves. Husband and wife, photo takers, adventurers and best friends. We like to laugh too hard, dance all night, and explore together. Here is a little glimpse into our lives in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I also love visiting their blog, very informative especially for blog newbies like me.

Website: http://newdarlings.com/

5. Motivated_Type (@motivated_type)

The Motivated Type was born from a desire to create and communicate inspirational, typographic design based upon the words and quotes that motivate and move lives forward everyday. They create art with words using vintage typography, whimsical sentiment and bold inspiration to decorate home and encourage others to live their greatest story.

Website: http://www.motivatedtype.com

I am glad to be able to consistently post my monthly Instagram favorites! I am currently on the lookout for the August favorites - there's a lot of amazing Instagram accounts out there that is yet to be discovered, so stay tuned! :)

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