Time Travel at Filling Station Bar Café

Hidden within the crazy red light district of Makati City is the Filling Station Bar Café! Travel back in time with the unbelievable aesthetics of this American 50s' diner!

The place is literally filled with rare and random vintage items. Each table has a retro telephone and vinyl album as a napkin holder. At the bar corners stood different old gas filling stations. They also play old MTVs like videos of Elvis and The Beatles. Even the servers are dressed up in cutesy American diner girl outfits!

The most compelling feature of the bar is the vintage car in the middle of everthing -we came in early dinner so we scored the spot! Just look how happy I was:

I went there with my friend Nina just to check out the place and to take cool pictures. We can't really do a full-on photoshoot using a DSLR, so we settled with our smartphone cameras.

Here's some fun photos I took of Nina using my iPhone 7:

We tried their Vanilla and Strawberry Milkshakes, Chicken Fingers, and Nachos. The milkshake - ohmygod - it made my milkshake dreams come true. It's thick and just perfectly sweet. Not to mention it looks straight out of Pop's Diner Milkshake from Riverdale! Great food, big serving, and affordable, this place is perfect for a night out with friends.

I will definitely comeback to this place with my friends (to take more pictures!) I might bring my niblings over too, they will surely enjoy the milkshake! ❤️ Filling Station Bar Café is located at 5012 P.Burgos St., Makati City. They also offer delivery via 897-2053 and 899-5555.

For more information: www.fillingstation.com.ph

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