Simple Things You Can Do To Be Happy

My favorite philosopher, Aristotle, believes that Happiness is the central purpose and goal of humanity. My personal position about happiness is that it is nothing more but a choice- but something very difficult to make when you are unhealthy or not in peace.

Happiness comes in different levels, but I managed to list down a few activities that I consciously make when I want to be happy.

1. Get A Massage for Relaxation

A good massage is a good way to relax the body, mind, and spirit. My favorite spa house is Hagod Spa and Banahaw Spa. Both offer a hot tea after the massage. We also have a home-service spa favorite called Purple Touch Spa.

2. Eat An Ice Cream to "Get High"

My ultimate comfort food, eating ice cream gives me so much joy. Eating a cold treat in a hot afternoon after a long day at work makes everything better. The sugar content of ice cream produces endorphins which can boost mood and provide temporary high. So skip the drugs and eat some ice cream to get high instead!

3. Run or Bike for Pleasure

Physical activities, such as running and biking, releases a chemical called dopamine in our brain. This specific chemical bring in feelings of pleasure and happiness. Running is very convenient, but I personally prefer biking as it makes me feel like flying.

4. Listen To Your Power Song to Fix Your Emotions

My power songs are "I Get Knocked Down (But I Get Up Again)" by Chabawamba, 24k Magic by Bruno Mars, and Shake Yer Head by Eraserheads. Music is such a great mood influencer as our body is designed to react emotionally to music.

5. Pray to Reflect

Praying is a form of guided reflection and contemplation. When I pray, I realize many things- the wonderful reasons why I should be happy, the real things that will bring me joy; like good health and awesome relationship with my loved ones. Everything makes sense when I am able to reflect my inner thoughts through prayers.

Happiness can be achieved in many different ways. Some are as simple as smiling at your reflection in the mirror, or as challenging as reaching the highest limit of your financial goals. Luckily, happiness is something that anybody can decide on. Allow yourself to enjoy small happiness and work for your tangible happiness goals. Life comes around only once, make it a decision to always choose to be happy. :)

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