Sky Garden by the bay : Pork Korean BBQ

An exquisite and relaxed Korean BBQ dining experience for as low as PHP 400!

Korean BBQ is becoming extremely popular in the Philippines. Normally with an unlimited meat and side package, Filipinos are in love with the "Korean BBQ Experience."

Sky Garden by the bay is located at Harbor Square in Pasay City. It is a spacious restaurant with indoor and outdoor tables. They are well-known for their authentic Korean BBQ for a good price-value.

Outside, you can view the beautiful yachts of Manila Bay. Best time to visit the place is just before the sunset, when the sun is sinking lower in the sky.

Waiting on the sidewalk is Cory the Pitbull, the restaurant pet. He is very sweet and friendly, especiqlly to the regulars and harbor square workers. He loves the attention!

We decided to eat at the outdoor (garden) area, under the relaxing coconut trees.

Others can also dine indoors.

Assorted Korean Side Dish are included on the package to compliment the Korean BBQ. I love the Kimchi!

The fluffy Korean Egg Casserole is heavenly.

They also served Miso Soup with tofu tidbits.

We had our own griller at the table. Staff served raw Korean pork and guided us how to grill it. CIY (Cook It Yourself) is part of the dining experience.

The perfect Korean steamed rice.

Assorted lettuce are served to wrap the Korean BBQ with.

Ambiance: 9/10

Located at the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex, this place is an easy escape from the busy city of Pasay. Outside, the place is very relaxing because of the lighting and tables under the coconut trees. Inside, the place feels warm and festive, friends and family come here to talk and eat. The view of the yachts sailing by the sea is mesmerizing.

Service: 6/10

The servers are nice and friendly, but we waited a bit long for them to prepare our table, and longer to serve our food. They really need to improve their serving time, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt since the place was a bit crowded when we went in. They only accept walk-ins, no reservations!

Food: 8/10

I love the side dishes, especially their kimchi. The Egg Casserole and the rest of the sides was freshly cooked and tasted legit Korean. However, the Korean Pork BBQ was just okay. It is not as flavorful compared to others like Bulgogi Brothers. Whag we had at the Sky Garden seem a little too plain. For what it's worth, you can get the whole package (BBQ + Side + Lettuce) for only 400 / person.

The Verdict, Sky Garden by the bay's main strength is the dining experience itself. The relaxing view and open air creates a feeling of a home away from the city. The place is perfect for friends and families who just want to eat, drink, and sit around talking to each other. Sky Garden by the bay is a breath of fresh air, an escape not too far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday people. :)

Skygarden by the bay Korean Restaurant and BBQ Grill is located at Harbor Square, 1202 Bukaneg St, Malate, Pasay Metro Manila near Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Operating hours is from 11:00 am to 12:00 am from Monday-Sunday.

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