TGI Friday's Graduation Promo : Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills

"In here, it's always Friday."

The Bistro Group is having an awesome Graduation Promo! Because my brother is a BFF Card holder, we instantly got a 30% discount from our total bill. We only paid for around PHP 3500 for PHP 5000+ worth of food and drinks at TGI Friday's. None card holders can get up to 25% discount.

"Celebrate a memorable day at any of the The Bistro Group restaurants and get 25% off when you dine with a graduate! Enjoy up to 30% discount for BFF cardholders."

The American - Mexican casual dining is a great place to celebrate and eat with the whole family. Here's what we ordered for Kyle's graduation merienda:

Watermelon Shake and Citrus Cooler , PHP 185 each

Fish and Chips, PHP 495

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, PHP 575

Creamy Pasta Alla Vodka? (not sure hahahaha) PHP 495

Fried Chicken and Grilled Pork

Grilled BBQ Chicken, PHP 495

Mocha Mud Pie, PHP 495

Ambiance: 10/10

Located at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, TGI Friday's McKinley branch is a walk in the park from Kyle's graduation venue (SMX Aura.) Outside, the lights shimmer through the wooden glass windows, the branch looks quite beautiful. There weren't a lot of people that day, so we had the best seat. Inside, the room feels warm and comfortable, with an elegant touch of baroque wooden chairs and cozy red couches. Some of the interior details are remarkably nice — like those frames on the wall or the “In here, it’s always Friday” sign.

Service: 9.5/ 10

The host assigned to us perfectly explained the Graduation Promo and patiently suggested menu choices that we truly enjoyed. She is very approachable and courteous. The other crew provided some coloring materials for Kyle. The restaurant manager approached our table to check on us, she gave Kyle a complimentary dessert as a graduation gift. There was an earthquake panic that day so it was nice to be served by calm and happy people. The only reason why they didn't get the perfect score is because it took some time for them to serve the food we ordered. It wasn't a big deal, but can still be improved.

Food: 9.5/10

TGI Friday's is already known to serve good food. I love the Pasta we ordered - very cheesy but not overwhelming. I loved the Caesar Salad but was a little sad to only have 2 small strips of grilled chicken. The star of the afternoon is the Mocha Mud Pie - the serving was big enough to share.

Overall, I can say that the Bistro Group Graduation Promo at TGI Friday's is a very good deal. Good food and comfortable place, it was definitely an enjoyable and intimate place for everyone, especially for Kyle who got so many awards for his graduation. :)

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