20 Awesome Things To Buy at Typo

If you are a mermaid - unicorn - #wanderlast - neon - gold - turquoise addict, or just a visual-oriented person who like all things sparkly and beautiful, then you will love the Typo Shop at Uptown Mall, BGC! Typo has a huge selection of quirky stationery, homewares, décor, gifts, cards, travel accessories and more. Most of them are not necessarily useful, but definitely cute.

Typo is a perfect place to buy gifts and personalized stuff for your own space. Here's some of the awesome things I found inside Typo.

1. This properly labelled Travel Wallet, PHP 1599

2. This Lens Clip for your IG #feedgoals, PHP 549

3. This fabulous Luggage Tag, PHP 399

4. This Gold Hanger - just because it's gold, PHP 400

5. This Sticker Pack to remind you that shit is bananas, PHP 200

6. This mermaid inspired~ Power Bank that will make you give up your legs, PHP 600

7. These pens that speak your mind, PHP 399

8. This 2017 Calendar for your inner nerd, PHP 399

9. This headphones Barbie would die for, PHP XXXX

10. This Water Color Pencil Pack for the true artist that you are, PHP 1,199

11. This tumbler to match your diet, PHP 679

12. This Lightbox to make sure the party is lit, PHP 1,999

13. This mug that will do the talking, PHP 679

14. This Globe because not all who wander are lost, PHP 1,999

15. These Light Up Letters that are too impressive to describe, PHP 1,599

16. These Magnets straight out of your Tumblr profile, PHP 199

17. This Awesome Keychain, need I say more? PHP 199

18. This Adventure Notebook to make sure you know where the heck you're going, PHP 400

19. This Tube Light to make your neon dreams come true, PHP 1,199

20. This Faux Succulent because you always kill the real ones, PHP 1199

Typo is located at 2nd Level, Uptown Place Mall, 9th Ave. corner 36th St., Uptown Bonifacio, The Fort, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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