How to Apply and Redeem Canon Rewards

"Enjoy a fulfilling experience as a Canon Rewards Member through these exciting rewards!"

Last year, I bought a Canon 700D 18-55mm Kit at Abenson's Waltermart. I noticed the Canon Rewards sticker from the box so I immediately went online to check it out.

Canon Rewards is basically a gift you can redeem using the points you earn from buying a genuine Canon product. The more Canon products you get, the higher points to earn. This is basically a strategy to ensure that buyers will shop from Canon stores or official dealers. Registration is also needed to earn the rewards, allowing Canon to stay connected to their customers after the purchase.

In this blog, I will show you the step by step guide on how to register and redeem your Canon Rewards.

Step 1. Registration

You need to create an account to login to Canon Rewards website. Go to the link below to create an account using your email and create a password.

Step 2. Earn Points

Once you are able to login to your Canon Rewards account, it's time to earn points! Click the Earn Points button and input all the details needed. The website will ask all the necessary information to make sure that you have a genuine Canon product. All images (OR, barcodes, etc) must be clear and readable. Follow the instructions until the end, then wait 3-5 days for a feedback from your email.

Step 3. Validation

Wait for a couple of days and you will get an email from Canon Rewards. (I found mine from the Spam folder, so you might want to check it on your Spam folder too!)

The DSLR Kit I bought is equivalent to 31 points. There are a lot of stuff from the Rewards Catalogue, you can get a 100-peso worth reward for as low as 4 points!

Step 4. Redeem

Log in to you Canon Rewards account and click the Redeem Now button. This will take you to the Rewards Catalogue. On the left side you will see your Points Eerned, Points Redeemed, and Points Balanced. Select one from the Rewards Catalogue and Click Redeem Now.

Step 5. Enjoy the Rewards

I already have Redeemed 26 points - I got 2 Krispy Kreme 500 eGC's for 13 points each. Although It took them 7 days to send me the eGC from Krispy Kreme after I processed the Redeem Now.

When I got this email from Krispy Kreme, I immediately printed the eGift and presented it to the Kripsy Kreme store. The transaction ran smoothly and I am very satisified with my redeem choice!

Overall, I want to say that Canon Rewards really encouraged me to buy my next Canon product from an offical store. Although I can save a couple of bucks from buying in a black market, the perks and priveleges of having a genuine Canon is worth it. :)

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