Facebook Pages: How I Got Over 10,000 Followers in 1 Month

Last 2016, I had the task to create a political Facebook page for the the Philippine Election 2016. As a social media handler, I know that Facebook has become a powerful medium during that election campaign period. It is more likely to reach more people through social media because of easy access using mobile devices.

In a span of a month, the page I created garnered 14,684 followers with 888,611 reach in 2 weeks. Awesome right? Here's a screenshot of the page insight from April 2016 - May 2016:

Today, I am going to share some of the factors that may have affected the growth of the Facebook page.

1. Trending Topic

It's the presidential election. People are about to decide on who will they vote for as the supreme leader in the next 6 years. The content of the page is related to the then-current hot topic that people wanted to see on social media. This is the ultimate reason why we are able to collect many followers in a short period of time.

2. Existing Fans

The page is a campaign for the current president, Rodrigo Duterte - a very popular person in social media. He had the most committed and social media-savvy true believers as his base. His fans share any Duterte-related content that they are seeing. Sharing is the most vital part of social media marketing and campaign.

3. Page Name

The page name is "Duterte for President" - a very straight-forward page name. The words of the trending topic Duterte and President are present in our page name. This name strategy enabled Facebook users to easily recognize our page identity.

4. Daily Activity

I made sure that I followed and shared content from other pages of the same topic daily. I also created Facebook posts, videos, and infographic animation that are worth-sharing. We research on what more could be done to boost our interaction with followers daily, like replying to messages and encouraging followers to comment on each post.

5. Facebook Ads

I have to admit this. the growth did not solely relied on the fans and content of the page. I started to experiment with Facebook Ad on our most interesting posts to encourage non-followers to view our content. This is a good strategy to reach more people easily without depending on the organic reach. Although, I must say that paid reach is nothing compared to the organic reach of our page. Here's the screenshot of the page's second week reach below:

In the end, I consider the page a successful one because of the same passion that I share with my fellow Duterte supporters. Duterte for President is now President Rody Duterte - an unforgettable success in my social media handling experience. :)

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