5 Amazing Beauty & Fashion YouTubers

I've been an avid fan of YouTube since forever. Most of the YouTubers I follow are those who are in either technology or beauty and fashion. I enjoy tutorials and monthly favorites most because they are fun and informative. But I also love the vlogging videos, which has recently became hugely popular on YouTube.

In this blog, I will share 5 of my favorite beauty and fashion YouTubers. Most of them I've been following for many years now.

1. Kandee Johnson (@kandeejohnson)

I've been following this lovely woman since 2009! She's a talented hollywood makeup artist and a mother of 3. I feel so personal about her because I watched her grow in YouTube - from her videos with the lowest resolution possible to her superstardom in the beauty world.

2. Jenn Im (@clothesencounters)

Jenn is a pretty korean girl who is obsessed with fashion. I love her video aesthetics and speaking voice. I could listen to her speak all day. I relate to her so much because she is a bookworm stuck inside a girly girl.

3. Zoella (@zoella)

Zoella is a very successful YouTube personality, winning awards and carrying her own beauty line. I love how her transparency and jolliness in front of the camera. She is british so her accent is like music to my ears. I am in love with her cute pug, Nala.

4. Wengie (@wengie)

Wengie is like a virtual big sister to me. She shares stuff that most YouTubers rarely talk about (like YouTube income and sex!) I love her life hacks videos and beauty experiments. I love her fun personality and quirky Asian style.

5. Carly Cristman (@carlycristman)

Carly Cristman is also included in my Instagram account favorites. Her aesthetics is all about marbles and neutrals. She is very good in organizing her video content in a way that everything is in a list order. She is like the beautiful and funny professor that you would want to hang with after school.

There are tons of beauty and fashion YouTubers out there that I am yet to discover. For now, I highly recommend you watch these ladies! :)

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