Upwork: How I Earned $1000 on My First Month

Let's get real - working at home seem too good to be true. Work at home offers a job that will let you control your working time, space, and energy. Work at home is the epitome of work-life balance. But the only question is, is it possible?

In this blog I will share how I was able to earn $1000 for the whole month of December 2015 from Upwork. How I landed on the job that pays well, and how I was able to do it with flying colors.

1. Start

Have the courage to begin. I've met a lot of friends who wanted to try work at home jobs but never actually started. There are tons of websites like www.upwork.com who connects employers and employees for online jobs. All you have to do is to stop thinking and start doing it. Go to the nearest computer and find a work at home job.

2. Know Thyself

The first step is creating your profile. It is very important that you know your qualifications and skills. My personal profile includes my educational background. I also wrote my previous job experiences and personal strengths (like, efficiency and hardwork!)

3. Learn How Others Do It

I did a good web search before I started applying for any jobs at Upwork. In Upwork, employers are looking at expertise level and payment rate. Many Filipino and Indians are willing to get paid for less than $3/hr. Native speakers get higher pay, especially for writing jobs. FYI, good employers are willing to pay an extra for efficient workers. Don't sell yourself short.

My rate is $8/hr, which I think is an acceptable amount for my skill and competence. The job where I got my thousand dollars is from 0 up to 80 hours a week. This freedom allowed me to apply for another 2 projects with a Fixed Rate.

4. Short but Sweet

Sell yourself in a very concise and effective manner when applying for a job. Your application message to the employer should not look like a template (even if there is a create template option.) My usual message is 2-4 sentences only.

Also, there are times when employers would write a magic keyword on the Job Description. This is their first trial, so carefully read everything before you compose the application message.

5. Under Promise, Over Deliver

Once you landed your first online job, make sure that you will do the best that you can. Especially for short projects, make sure that you can ask your employer to write a good review. The reviews will be saved on your profile for future employers to see.

My Upwork Billing, December 2015

After 2 months of exploring Upwork, I was offered a regular job as Digital Media Manager. I accepted the job because I wanted to have growth in my career. And honestly, I was too anxious to hold on to a job unbounded by a legal contract.

Nevertheless, working at home for different people, from different countries, was a great experience. Is it possible? Definitely yes. Is it sustainable? That, I couldn't tell. :)

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