Top 3 Favorite Pinoy Street Food

Filipino Street Food is everywhere - in the street, inside the malls, transportation, train stations, everywhere. The government is even encouraging locals to be involved in the food industry. Aside from being natural foodies, street food is a serious small-time business and a major source of income for ordinary Filipinos.

So, I brought my camera with me and walked along the busy streets of Makati Business District to check out some Pinoy street food. In this blog I will share my top 3 Pinoy street food!

1. Manggang Hilaw with Bagoong (Green Mango and Spicy Anchovies)

Philippine Mango is the best in the world, that's a fact. This green mango is what we call the Indian Mango which abundantly grown in many parts of the Philippines. The price per pack is only PHP 40 with the bagoong sawsawan included.

2. Adobong Mani (Fried Peanuts)

Peanuts is probably the most popular street food in the Philippines. You will see droves of peanut vendors in all streets of Manila. Some even ride the bus to sell among the hungry passengers. Peanuts is a great snack. Although high in calories and fat, regular consumption of peanuts is not associated with weight gain. You can get this snack for as low as PHP 5!

3. Tusok Tusok with Sauce - (Assorted Fishballs, Squidballs, Hotdogs, Quail Eggs)

These umami balls on a stick is probably the most popular street food in China and Southeast Asia. I love the squid balls especially when freshly cooked. They usually have a vinegar, spicy sauce, and sweet spicy sauce on the side. The fish balls are sold for the same price of PHP 1 for a 20 years now.

I had so much fun exploring the street food of Makati, my runner ups are Siomai, Baga, and Isaw. Cheap but delicious, nothing will ever compare to Pinoy street food. :)

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