5 Awesome Websites for Digital Artists

The World Wide Web is God's greatest gift for digital artists and creators. The information, inspiration, and tools that was once available for only a few can now be accessed by everyone. The cloud, is the answer to the fear of losing our physical memory storage device. As a Digital Media Manager, the greatest challenge is finding the most efficient way to get things done.

Finding out the easy way without undermining the value of work is very important in our field. And I must say that being friends with the cloud is the smartest decision I've ever made. Here's some of the best websites that I personally and professionally use at work.

1. Canva (www.canva.com) - Design Tool

Description: Canva is a free graphic-design tool website, founded in 2012. It has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals. The tools can be used for both web and print media design and graphics.

Why: I used to work for this company and I can definitely say that they are doing their best to give their users the best possible user experience. First, they let you choose the purpose of the design. Is it for Social Media? Print? Web? Second, they let you choose among hundreds of pre-designed templates or manually create one for yourself using the easiest drag and drop interface ever created in the planet. Lastly, they let you choose the download file format you need. (PDF? JPEG? PNG?) This website design tool is a no-brainier, and I love it!

Bonus: Design School by Canva (www.designschool.canva.com) - Inspiration and Learning

Description: Canva's Design School has everything you need to learn how to design. They have daily design articles, interactive tutorials and awesome tips.

Why: I still go to this website to look for design inspirations. My favorite articke is the 100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them to Your Designs by Janie Kliever.

2. Creative Bloq (www.creativebloq.com) - Inspiration and Learning

Description: Daily inspiration for creative people. Fresh thinking, expert tips and tutorials to supercharge your creative muscles.

Why: Creative Bloq is the web counter-part of the award winning magazine for designers, Computer Arts. The magazine subscription is available for $130/year, but hundreds of its articles are also available at Creative Bloq website for free.

3. GoAnimate (www.goanimate.com) - Animation Tool

Description: GoAnimate is a cloud-based, animated video creation platform. It is designed to allow business people with no background in animation to quickly and easily create animated videos. These videos can be created in multiple styles, including 2D animation, whiteboard animation (a.k.a. videoscribing or scribing) and video infographics.

Why: This is the easiest and fastest way to create high-quality animation. I created several infographic animations using this tool for less than a day. Goanimate is god-send when compared to other animation tools with tedious amount of work needed. And did I mentioned that this is cloud-based? Your animations will always be up and available for access anytime, anywhere! (Price: $599/year)

4. Unsplash (www.unsplash.com) - Content Source

Description: The Unsplash license allows for photographs to be used for any purpose — both commercial and personal. Blogs, art, book covers, tshirts, and more — paid or unpaid — they’re all allowed under the license.

Why: Using legal and copyright-protected photos without permission from the owner is illegal. “Copyright” describes the rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works. Copyright infringements may cause trouble in the long run so this website is a good source to find photos that are safe to use.

5. YouTube Audio Library (www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music) - Content Source

Description: You can use the YouTube Audio Library to get free music and sound effects to use in your videos. You can download and use some of our high-quality 320kbps audio tracks and sound effects royalty-free.

Why: Same as the importance of avoiding copyright infringement in photos, music artists are also protected by copyright laws. Although free sound effects and music from YouTube Audio Library are free to download, some still require credits to be given to the music owner.

The web contains so much information and is becoming more useful than ever. Take some time to study and find inspirations in Design School and Creative Bloq, explore high-quality content that you can use for free in Unsplash and YouTube Audio Library, and create digital artworks using Canva and GoAnimate. Explore the web and have fun while working! :)

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