5 Quick Ways to Look Different

Have you ever felt like you just wanted to completely change your look? I used to oblige myself to change my look every new year. I personally think that changing my physical appearance changes my life altogether. There are countless movies with big makeover montages that often serve as transition sequences.

However, a drastic change isn't always an easy choice to make. First, you have to consider the expenses needed for the makeover. Second, you have to decide if you could live with the new look for a long time. Third. you have to commit to the "new you"that will emerge out of the new look.

To solve this dilemma, I am going to share with you some of the easiest ways to change your look just when you feel like it. No haircut and No chemicals needed!

1. Bold or Dark Lipstick

Use a plum or bright red lipstick to instantly change your look. This is applicable for people who don't often experiment with makeup.

2. Big Eyeglasses

A quick wear of big-framed eye glasses is an instant trick to change your look. Go for the biggest ones that is fashionable and noticeable.

3. Fake Bangs

Get a bangs without actually getting a bangs! i wish I knew this a long time ago to get away with dreadful DIY bangs when I younger. If you like it, go to the parlor and request to copy the same shape as the fake bangs for you.

4. Hair Extensions

I've used this trick numerous times. This is especially wonderful during the awkward hair stage!

5. Wear a cool hat

Hats used to symbolized status of authority. Play a role for a day by wearing a cool hat as a fashion statement. Then, simply take it off to return to your normal self!

Hope this list helps! There is nothing wrong with playing up with your look every now and then. Enjoy life and don't be afraid to try out new things. :)

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