How to Use GoPro for Facebook Live

Upgrade your Facebook Live game using GoPro Hero 3+ Camera, Open Broadcaster Software, and Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0! Here's a step by step guide from start to finish!

Note: This guide does not include the steps for Audio, Overlays, and Other Camera setup. Make sure that your firewall approved the use of OBS, or in my case - I deleted the McAfee Antivirus program.

PHASE 1 - Check your computer

a. Make sure that your desktop computer or laptop meets the system requirements for this kind of Facebook Live setup. You can check your computer eligibility here:

PHASE 2 - Camera Set up

a. Make sure that your GoPro Camera is set at 720p and 120fps. You can change your camera settings through the Settings button of your GoPro camera or by using a downloaded GoPro App on your mobile phone.

PHASE 3 - Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle 3.0 Setup

a. Download the latest Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle driver at

b. Install the downloaded driver on your computer.

c. Using a mini HDMI - HDMI cable, connect your GoPro Camera to the HDMI IN of your Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle.

d. Connect your Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle to the USB 3.0 port of your computer.

e. Open the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility. This should show your Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle.

f. Set the Input to HDMI.

g. Set the Resolution to 720p 59.94.

h. Open Blackmagic Media Express on your computer

i. Hit the Edit and Click Preferences.

j. Set the Resolution to 720p 59.94.

k. Click the Log and Capture tab. This should show video feed from your GoPro Hero 3+.

What I use: Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle and GoPro Hero 3+

PHASE 4 - OBS Setup

a. Download OBS Studio at

b. Install the downloaded OBS Studio on your computer.

a. Open your Facebook Page and click Publishing Tools button.

b. Go to the Video Tools and Click the Live button.

c. Copy the Stream Key and paste in a sticky note, DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW.

d. Open OBS Studio and go to Settings.

e. Click the Stream button and paste the Stream key from your Facebook Page.

f. Click the + button or right click, and add Video Capture Device.

g. Click the drop down menu from the Device option and select the Decklink Video Device.

h. Click the Configure Video button and set the Resolution to 720p 59.94. You should see the video feed from your GoPro Hero 3+.

i. Click the Start Streaming button.

PHASE 5 - Facebook Live Setup

a. Go back to your Facebook Live window and click Preview.

b. Video feed from OBS Studio may take a few seconds to load, but once the feed is showing, click the Go Live button.

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