10 Tips For A Joyful Life!

Looking back on who I was many years ago, I must say that I was a victim of bad habits. I am naturally a cheerful person, but my poor choices gave me nothing more but temporary highs and a lot of negative consequences. I had a problem dealing with my anxiety and stress, and it took me a while to realize that my problem is nothing more but my own doing.

It wasn't easy to change lifetime habits, but I told myself that I do have a choice! To embrace self-destruction or to live a happy life?

With utmost conviction, I was able to come up with daily habits to attain the good life that I've always wanted. I read self-help books, downloaded lifestyle apps, watched numerous Youtube videos, and did A LOT of internet research to determine what really works for me. Here's some of the super easy and no-brainier methods that I've been doing to get better days for a joyful life.

Habit 1. Relax the mind before sleeping

What: I light a scented candle and read/watch something fun or positive for 30mins. Avoid anything that will trouble your head. Feed your mind with inspirational things that will make you smile.

Why: GOOD VIBES ONLY. Create a relaxed environment using scented candles, the small fire burning and scent reduces the tension that your body acquired throughout the day. Avoid reading bad news, pornography, hateful conversation, or anything negative or troublesome. Always be mindful of your thoughts before sleeping, especially before bedtime where your subconscious mind is at work.

Habit 2. Inhale good vibes. Exhale bad vibes

What: Close eyes. Inhale while imagining pink and gold dust entering your nose. Exhale while imagining gray / black dust leaving my mouth. I mental count on this for 20 times.

Why: This is a low-key meditation. The pink and gold dust represents the positive things entering your body. The gray/black dust represents the negative vibes that you are releasing.

Habit 3. Use a good alarm sound

What: I use a good alarm sound to wake me up.

Why: WAKE UP HAPPY. The first thing that will trigger your alertness in the morning affects your mood. I use the Bedtime feature on the Clock with options for a good waking alarm sound. This feature also includes sleeping time calculations, etc. (Available in IOS10.) Make your wake-up less abrasive with a soothing ring tone set on a low volume.

Habit 4. Gratitude List

What: I think of 3 things that I am grateful for as soon as I wake up. I keep it as simple as possible, like the comfortable bed linens or my cute cat. There's always something that we should be thankful for, name 3 of them and smile.

Why: LOVE YOUR LIFE. Give thanks with a grateful heart. I always say this, the best way to love is to appreciate. I noticed that it became easier for me to love my life when I started to appreciate everything.

Habit 5. Water Therapy

What: I drink cold water in an empty stomach every morning.

Why: HEAL YOUR BODY. This is a long Japanese habit called Japanese Water Therapy, and it works! Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water just after awakening because of its natural health benefits.

Habit 6. Sing and dance in the shower

What: I perform in the shower. My current shower music is 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. This is my favorite part of the day.

Why: BE YOUR OWN BEST BUDDY. Shower is the ultimate "me time" because you're all alone, in all nakedness, and nobody will ever see what happens in the bath. Take this moment as the time where you get comfortable with your own body, mind, and spirit. Play and dance to sexy songs if you want to feel sexy all day! We can easily see how music and the brain engage mood and emotion when a child smiles and begins to dance to a rhythm.

Habit 7. Drink Green Tea

What: I drink Herbal Green Tea with a protein-rich breakfast, like a healthy salad or 2-boiled eggs!

Why: FEED YOUR BODY. Green Tea is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that helps the body. Drinking green tea for a fit and healthy body is supported by numerous articles online. Green tea is alleged to boost weight loss, reduce cholesterol, combat cardiovascular disease, and prevent cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Habit 8. Start the day with a To-do list

What: I make a list of the things that you need to get done for the day.

Why: WORK SMART. When I was younger, I was too proud to admit that I forget things. Now, I realized that the most vital part of my minor and great achievements is my TO DO list. Always think ahead, take time to sit down and think hard on what needs to be done each day. This will keep things organized, especially in your time-management skills. This routine enables productivity and efficiency.

Habit 9. End the day with a Success list

What: I make a done list of the things that I've accomplished throughout the day.

Why: RECOGNIZE YOUR SUCCESS. You worked hard and have done a lot of things, recognize your success. Accomplishments, small or big ones, are known to release feel-good chemicals to your brain.

Being in a positive state has significant impact on your motivation, productivity, and wellbeing.

Habit 10. Take three deep breaths in times of stress

What: I take 3 deep breaths with my eyes closed to ease body tension

Why: CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES. It is not easy to distinguish which of our daily battles are worth fighting for. However, we need to try to tap into our "higher mind" to think things through. Step away from stressful situations even for a few deep breaths. Remember The Serenity Prayer? "God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference."

All the daily habits listed above can be done anytime. You don't need a membership or technology to transform your life, you can start now! All it takes is for you to recognize that you have a choice and that the secret is hidden in your daily routine!

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