April 8, 2020

I am a serial homebody, but I am seriously going crazy for weeks because of the Covid-19 situation. In my hometown, people are not allowed to go outside without a permit, military people are doing checkpoints and allowed to question your "outside activities", and every...

January 19, 2020

"You are what you do not what you say" - a truthful statement that challenged me to my core. It opened my mind to the idea that if I do things in line of what I want to be, then I can be whoever I want to be! If I want to be smart, then I must do what smart people do....

November 10, 2019

Basel is a city on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. Although I was already satisfied with what Basel has to offer, its strategic location was very helpful in letting me move around nearby cities, like Str...

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Hello there!

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Welcome to my hygge blog! This blog is my creative outlet and channel to share my knowledge and inspiration to others. 


My mission is to radiate positivity and teach others the value of moderation by living a creative and well-balanced life.


I make as many calculated risks as possible in my life through contemplation, strategic, and creative thinking. So aside from living Hygge, I also work as a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist. I am very happy with what I do in life and I just feel inspired by the universe each and every day.



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