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Ti Amo, Roma!

Nothing is more overwhelming than having the things you have been obsessively reading and watching about come to life. Growing up reading about Roman Mythology and Catholic teachings, visiting Rome is quite a huge deal. Here are some snippets from my favorite city in the world, (sorry, Paris!) 1. All Things Ancient It's a bizarre feeling walking around the streets of Rome. The city might be in ruins, but its history is still very much present and alive. The structures are many many times older than any other cities I've been to, but the church, temples, and walls still stand in all its grandeur. 2. Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel When we went to Rome, in my head, I was there to fulfill my

Hallo, Basel!

Basel is a city on the Rhine River in northwest Switzerland, close to the country’s borders with France and Germany. Although I was already satisfied with what Basel has to offer, its strategic location was very helpful in letting me move around nearby cities, like Strasbourg and Paris! 1. Basel-Land My eldest sister and her family have been staying here for a while now, so I was lucky enough to explore the area by simply walking the dog or just playing outdoors with my niblings. This is the perfect place to live and die, that's all I have to say. ​​2. Basel Old Town Among all the old towns we visited within Switzerland, I think my favorite is Basel's Old Town. They have beautiful cathedrals

Bonjour, Paris!

'Tout commence par un rêve It took a long while for me to decide to post anything here since my spontaneous 30-day European adventure last October. Everything felt so unreal and I wanted to allow myself to take each and every moment, not talk about it, and just let the magical experience sink in. But now, I am finally ready to write something, because stuff like this needs to be documented! 1. The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. The Spy, a book based on the life of Mata Hari written by Paulo Coelho sparked my curiosity about Paris and the famous tower. (I actually have a little replica of the Eiffel Tower at my bedside tabl

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Welcome to my personal blog! This blog is my creative outlet and channel to share my knowledge and inspiration to others. 


My mission is to radiate positivity and teach others the value of moderation by living a creative and well-balanced life.


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