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DJI Osmo Pocket | Poblacion

A little video experiment using DJI Osmo Pocket Timelapse - hyperlapse, Slow Motion, and Video modes during a fun night out at Poblacion, Makati City. Basic Bitch Pizza at Crosta Pizzeria Tea-Infused Gin at Who is Ms.Gee Soju Yakult at a secret club called Odd Seoul inside Gaja Korean Restaurant Hopefully I can create more videos as the DJI Osmo Pocket really comes in handy!

Why I Created My Own Website

I launched my blog website in June 2017, at the time when my work as Digital Media and Marketing Manager is taking a toll on my health and well-being. I was tired and restless, yet I decided to create my own Wix website, an additional work with additional expense. Why so? Here are some of the reasons why I created my own website: 1. Creative Freedom - I suddenly realized that my love for creating will be nourished if I do it for pleasure. When you work in the creatives, most of the things you do are made to please the boss or client. This is the reality that I had to face at that time. Creating my own website provided the freedom to let me write about and create things in my own terms. 2. Le

Blackpink's Kimchi Rice

So I've been watching Blackpink House non-stop on YouTube and one of the episodes showed the girls cooking their favorite, Kimchi Rice. After a few days of craving, I went ahead and finally cooked one for myself! Ingredients: Butter Bacon Slices Korean Kimchi Onions Chinese Cabbage Kimchi Base I cooked the bacon strips with unsalted butter for extra sweetness. Jennie mentioned that the pork must be a little bit undercooked to make sure that it will be cooked just well when we add the other ingredients. Added enough Kimchi to the hot pan, letting it sweat with the pork fat to intensify the flavor. Just a bitty tiny pinch of Kimchi Base is enough to add more flavor! Tadaaaa! I swear this is so

Family Snack at Pizza Express

We now have a new favourite restaurant - Pizza Express! Do not be fooled by its seemingly common name, the place is elegant and the food is great! Their Zomato rating is actually 4.7 stars, which is pretty high for a casual dining. This Baked Dough Balls with dips are the best pieces of bread that I've ever tasted in my entire life. It's so good we actually ordered another set after finishing one plate in 0.55 seconds. We ordered the Chef Recommendation, Le Rose Pizza. It is Pancetta, chicken, and Calabrese sausage, finished with prosciutto and basil. I added Tabasco Sauce to add a little kick in the flavor. We also had Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken and Apple salad - chicken, green apple,

Misty Morning at Vanilla Cafe, Kamiseta Hotel

“Those of us who embrace the feminine know its strength.” ― Betsy Cornwell If I could paint a picture of heaven on earth, this is it. I literally felt soft the moment I entered Vanilla Cafe in Baguio City. It made me reconnect to my love for flowers, pastels, and everything pink. The place is a spitting image of feminine energy. And black is supposed to make me feel and be perceived as an empowered woman? Nope. Enjoying a cup of Cafe Latte from Vanilla Cupcake. Coffee is a hundred times better in Baguio, FACTS ONLY. The menu pricing is average, not as pricey as I expected in this kind of divine place. The staff are also very courteous and friendly, they don't mind people taking a lot of pic

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Welcome to my personal blog! This blog is my creative outlet and channel to share my knowledge and inspiration to others. 


My mission is to radiate positivity and teach others the value of moderation by living a creative and well-balanced life.


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