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Best Apps for Instagram Feed

When I was younger, I used to design and write life hacks on flash cards. One of them says "Take A Lot of Snapshots." Thanks to Instagram, we can now take as many snapshots as we want and share it to everyone! As a visual-oriented person, I tend to take my Instagram feed seriously. A good Instagram feed means having pictures that are in perfect harmony, creating an artistic Instagram profile. There are thousands of picture editor apps out there, but I am going to share with you the only two apps that I use for my Instagram. Based on my research, artists, bloggers, and celebrities uses the same apps. My instagram feed: @marianneawesome 1. VSCO (Free) From company Visual Supply Co, download VS

How to Use GoPro for Facebook Live

Upgrade your Facebook Live game using GoPro Hero 3+ Camera, Open Broadcaster Software, and Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0! Here's a step by step guide from start to finish! Note: This guide does not include the steps for Audio, Overlays, and Other Camera setup. Make sure that your firewall approved the use of OBS, or in my case - I deleted the McAfee Antivirus program. PHASE 1 - Check your computer a. Make sure that your desktop computer or laptop meets the system requirements for this kind of Facebook Live setup. You can check your computer eligibility here: PHASE 2 - Camera Set up a. Make sure that your GoPro Camera is set at 720p and 120fps. You can

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Welcome to my personal blog! This blog is my creative outlet and channel to share my knowledge and inspiration to others. 


My mission is to radiate positivity and teach others the value of moderation by living a creative and well-balanced life.


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